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  Updated  Sunday, July 2, 2006 from Lafayette, Indiana

Our travel through Eastern Europe and Scandinavia from June 7-25.  Keep up with us on TRAVELPOD.

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Our new LifeNets Mandan Triathlon 2006 website is up.  Please take a preview look!

The engagement ceremony of Mark Chonde and Charity Chonza in Lilongwe, Malawi.  Mark's father is the newly-ordained elder in Malawi. See more photos and read about the interesting customs!

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Updated Monday March 27, 2006 from Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Lafayette United Church of God is sponsoring the 4th of July Weekend Melody of Music, a Christian Musical Experience along with camping in Central Indiana. 

LifeNets work in the Chernobyl area is featured in the April 2006 issue of the Rotarian magazine that goes monthly to 1.3 million Rotarians in 33,000 clubs in over 100 countries. Download one of the versions below

The Rotarian  April 2006 Champion for Chernobyl
6 meg version  

The Rotarian April 2006 Champion for Chernobyl
1 meg version

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In the Pacific Northwest 200 blankets are being made to be shipped to our LifeNets Orphan Care Centre.  The Centre is part of the Chizeni Clinic in Balaka, Malawi. The project is coordinated by Mrs. Dyanne Dick and will be complete in March when we will then ship them to Malawi. The blankets are for orphans under age five who are cared for by Dr. Sam Chilopora of the Chizeni Clinic. MORE


Latest newsletter (December 1, 2005)See it online...if you haven't received it in the mail, you can be put on the mailing list here


Prophetic Times compiled by UCG pastor Jim Tuck March 25, 2006 (posted March 24)
The UCG Canada Report (posted March 24, 2006)
NEW World News and Prophecy radio program by Dr. Donald Ward  Pagan Practices or God's Feasts  (posted March 24, 2006)
An interesting new blog by UCG member Alan Campbell, CPA from Brandon, Florida dealing with Tax Strategies.  I invite you to take a look at http://taxsavingsstrategies.blogspot.com/  (posted March 24, 2006)
Update on LifeNets Wheelchair Project. Take a look at the stories and some currently available wheelchairs. We have adopted our process with online forms for donating and requesting wheelchair. (posted March 23, 2006)
Update on Ole Kaine (Be Sober) newspaper for youth in Estonia sponsored by LifeNets (posted March 23, 2006)

New sermon by Vern Hargrove (given in Chicago March  18th) "The Passover: First Things First" Check the AUDIO section (posted March 20, 2006)

Albertson's, Osco, Savon join LifeNets to help Christina Davis of Portland, Oregon to provide 1000 mosquito nets for Malawi. Read updated report about how you can painlessly help when shopping at any of these fine drug stores!  (posted March 10, 2006)
NEW World News and Prophecy radio programs by Dr. Donald Ward  Love or Lust on Brokeback Mountain? (posted March 10, 2006)
Many of you keep asking:  What is still needed for LifeNets projects?  Please see our handy updated chart .(updated March 11, 2006)
March  9, 2006 Home Office Update (posted March 9, 2006)

New sermon by Bob Fahey (given in Chicago Feb 25th) "The Teacher." Check the AUDIO section (posted March 4, 2006)

March 2006 Issue of Virtual Christian Magazine
   Is Godís Grace an Unconditional Guarantee of Salvation?
   In Contact With God: Answered Prayer on the Coeur    díAlene River

   SauerkrautóMore Than Cabbage
   Why Is God So Silent?
   To Whom It May Concern
   Religion With and Without Mercy
   The Olympic Ideal
   Letters to the Editor

TWO NEW sermons by Bill Bradford  Does God Promise Protection to His People in the End Times? and  The New Orleans Disaster Check the AUDIO section (posted February 20, 2006)
Lafayette, IN congregation holds last Family Christian Club of the season on February 18th.
LifeNets Tsunami Reconstruction report. Work continues to finish what Kevin and Sonali Fiske dedicated themselves to in the last year. Their efforts have restored the lives and livelihoods of more than 60 people in Sri Lanka!  SEE MORE PHOTOS and REPORT on our latest blog entry. (posted February 17, 2006)  

This Website ten years old on January 19 -- An Interesting Journey....my comments
(posted January 15, 2006).

LifeNets newest initiative: The 2006 LifeNets Malawi Chizeni Clinic Initiative  (January 15, 2006).

Our UCG Estonia/Baltic section is updated and available online (posted January 9, 2006)
LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka, Malawi (posted January 3, 2006)

Successful livelihood development projects in Malawi.  One is a farming project to support a family; the other is expansion of a music school that provides a living for a family. More SEE REPORT (posted November 15)

Remember Martin Brown? He is the UCG member who is a quadriplegic in South Africa for whom LifeNets purchased a van in 2004.Read this inspiring account from his mother Louise Steyn about how he developing and selling power wheelchairs.  (posted November 13)

Comprehensive report with photos from LifeNets Zambia director Kambani Banda about our cattle and agricultural support revolving fund(posted September 19, 2005)

LifeNets donates 3000 pairs of eyeglasses to Mexico (posted October 12,  2004)

How to Effectively Help our Brethren in Developing Countries   (posted October 12,  2004)




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When selling on eBay next time consider donating some of the proceeds to LifeNets.... It's EASY! Click on icon on the right.


Albertson's, Osco, Savon join LifeNets to help Christina Davis of Portland, Oregon to provide 1000 mosquito nets for Malawi. Read updated  report about how you can painlessly help when shopping at any of these fine drug stores! 2% of your purchases will automatically go towards this LifeNets project. Print and pass info poster around (in PDF (requires Adobe Acrobat)

LifeNets North Dakota Chapter President Pam Redline presents checks to the mayor of Bismarck, Mr. John Warford (left) for the Ronald McDonald House and to Cole Higglin, director of Mandan Parks and Recreation Department, for community projects.  MORE

Another Developing Nations Scholarship Program success story. Diverson Chonde came from Malawi to the United Kingdom.  There he pursued his studies with the help of a LifeNets scholarship grant and has earned computer certifications. Shown is Diverson with Prisca and their two daughters. I took this photo of them in Bricket Wood while visiting the United Kingdom.

One of our our latest (March 13) wheelchair success stories.  Beverly Kubik with quadriplegic Danny Martin in West Lafayette, Indiana.  See the list of some of our latest available wheelchairs.

Indianapolis, Indiana Better Business Bureau features LifeNets on the front page of its quarterly online newsletter sent to thousands in Central Indiana.  See front page and the article

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
- Leo Tolstoy

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- Danish proverb

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- Benjamin Franklin

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